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Wednesday, January 12th, 2005
4:59 pm
Oddest things from Al-a-bam-a
I was dropped off in the Montgomery airport (the capital) on the way to my hotel, i didn't see any malls, but i did see a "in-door flee market"!! the banner in the front said "think of it as a little mall"

"you boys from Cal-i-for-i-a well you can feel right at home caus' rigt now yous in LA... that's right Lower Alabama"

"Once i almost shot a coo ger this big" (large arm gesture)
"did you miss?" i asked
"no......some yankee took the trigger off my rod en' reel"

Just about every fast food you can think of, plus like 4 more types of chicken &
"Waffle House" which i had to try, it said it was a national franchise, but i never heard of one. Surprisingly enuf they had really good waffles, and a few other carrows type things, but you got it in fast food speed.

I tried country fried chicken livers, but i wouldn't even force my enemies to eat this.

4 bed 3 bath on 10 acers..... $400 a month

Read "Clockwork Orange" on the plane, this was one of my favorite movies, but unfortunately the book is written entirely in the dialect of the main character, a sort of futuristic mix between english, cockney, scottish, pikey,and god knows what else........ I cant viddy these grahzny sodding veshches thats outing of my rot

Cant think of much else

Current Mood: jet laged
Sunday, January 2nd, 2005
12:10 pm
Al-a-bam-a here i come
Going to Alabama for work next week, I am semi-excited. I like the idea of new and exciting places, but I really doubt that this will be one of them, plus I think my fear of heights will make my plane ride unpleasant. I have taken a plane once or twice before, and the initial ramping up to altitude always reminds me of a roller costar, which I dont't like.

I don't think I have any new year resolutions, but I should say that 2004 was the my best year yet!!! I got engaged, got a job that relates to my education, got to finally have weekends off, and have been in a generally good headspace.

Plus this year should be even better!!! My mom looseing weight and hopeful this time next year she wont have to have knee surgery, I am starting to take masters classes again (nothings cooler then complicated abstract math), I am going to have a kick ass bachelor party, wedding, and honey moon.

The only negative I see out of this past year is I am losing my thriftiness. The most obvious example is I am starting to throw away shirts when they are faded, and I have stopped buying clothes at target. I guess that this is good because it means I am becoming less like my parents, who are IMMENSE pack rats.

War is simply a violent form of business.
- Adrien Venport
"Commercial Plan for Arrakis Spice Operations"
Saturday, December 25th, 2004
2:12 pm
Movie Seat Etique
Went with leah to see "darkness" last night (warning dont see it!!)

As a structured person (or anal if you want to be mean) I have always been able to get to places on time, especially when the time dictates where you sit, like in a movie theater.

Leah and me were some of the first people to get to the theater, and got primo seats right in the center. The place was not crowded, but close to "curtain time" guy walked right up to me and said I should move over so his group (of 8 people) can sit together!!!

What the hell! I don’t have a problem moving over one or two seats so that everyone who paid gets to sit. But it's not my job to make sure that big groups that show up at the last minute get to sit right in the middle. Especially if that moves me way over to the side where I would be in one of the end "neck wrenching" seats.

With a small amount of glee, said that I really didn't feel like moving, and maybe he should have gotten here earlier.

He he, sometimes i think that maners should be taught with a hammer

Friday, December 24th, 2004
9:28 pm
back from LA for new year!!!
Just got back from LA for the New Year, still not sure which party I'm going to, but there are lot's so it will work it's self out.

Lets see what happened in LA....

Hung out wt/ my brother Scoot and his girlfriend Kate.

We all went to the walk of stars in Hollywood (cool), to the Getty museum (very cool), and to Roscoe’s "chicken and waffles"(MONUMENTUS!!!) I wanted to go to Tijuana for a day, but there was SO MUCH RAIN that we were forced to stick to inside activities. I also got to stop and have dinner with my uncle (the one my dad talks to) it was really eerie. He kind of looks like my dad, but is nice to people. He also has the EXACT same laugh, and hearing it was really freaking me out. (I feel like one of Pavlov’s dogs drooling at the bell).

Can't think of much else, my Christmas was good. Got to see my mom and brother Brian in the morning and then hung out wt Leah’s family for dinner.


Current Mood: tired
Wednesday, December 15th, 2004
7:57 pm
Sleep, shoping, and Santa! Oh my
HA HA !!!I got all of my Christmas shopping done on Sunday!! I am taking a most
of my friends out to the most Christmassy place on earth, HOOTERS. So I only had
to get a few presents. Unfortunately I had to much fun over the weekend and
didn't get to sleep much. This means the return of the most sinister and depraved
creature in all of San Jose ....Read more...Collapse )

Current Mood: good
Friday, December 3rd, 2004
7:01 pm
Finally got my computer running, and completely free of bugs... (and it only took me about 3 months)

Lets see

My job has been fun, recently I got loaned out to a sub-contractor cause they had been overworking there people so hard that three (THREE) guys actually had heart attacks, and one died!! Working at a place where you are kind-a everybody's boss is a interesting experience. Nobody wanted to give me a lot of work and everybody wanted me to go home early almost every day. I tried to not take advantage, but some of the other guys in the same boat as me, seemed to be going to FRY'S or R.E.I almost every day.

The oddest thing that happened to me today is i played the "don't you this song" game with all the 40sih people. Turns out i know very little about music in the 70's, this wasn't a big surprise to me, but the people i work with seemed to have a hard time comprehending me not knowing all about "the eagles" or whoever........ I wonder how long it will be before i'm on the other side of the table for this game?

mr peanut goes to war

this is a poster i am thinking about buying, there is something very cool about the simplicity of war time art and attitudes, and this poster seems to embody it. During war everything can be broken down into such definitive shades of black and white. People start believing that it will be you and Mr. Peanut in the front lines about to charge some evil bad guy (most likely a gorilla) that is totally against liberty and salted snacks.

Also wanted to mention that last night someone killed "Dimebag" Darrell, the former guitarist of Pantera. (you do know who that is, don't you) Some guy jumped on stage shot him and also shot into the crowd killing something like 5 people, and then he got shot by a cop and died. I wasn't to much of a Pantera fan, but as a metal supporter i thought i should mention it.

Current Mood: mellow
Sunday, September 12th, 2004
9:56 am
Hey all!!!

I have been having LOT’s of fun wt/ my new job, but haven’t’ been writing much mostly cause my house computer has been acting weird again, and I don’t have access to “social” web sights at work.

Lets see … what has happened wt/ me recently

Read more...Collapse )
Monday, August 2nd, 2004
4:38 pm
First day of work!!!!
Just like at any big company your fist day is spent signing forms and watching safety videos.... do not eat glue, ect. I did get to have lunch with my manager, and i found out that i do have to get security clearance!!! This means two things, i will have to wait 2 to 6 months to get the clearance and i wont be able to do much ultil then. So i will just be filling papers until then.

Had lots of fun over the weekend!!!! Went to a wedding in san rafael on saturday. Spent the night there and then hung out in SF on sun, me and leah went to the "Stern Grove Festival" thingy.

Wednesday, July 28th, 2004
9:47 am
suprising news
Me and Leah had dinner with her parents last night, turns out that her parents want to pay for the wedding.... we had started to plan and save in the last month or two, and we realy didn't expect this.

reference: Leahs parents are both semi retired, and have three daughters. We just assumed that ment we get little or no help with the plans.
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Monday, July 26th, 2004
9:09 am
last day of security FOR EVER
Yesterday was my last day of security!!!!! no more sitting with crazy people in the E.R., no more strapping people down that wont take there medicine, no more memorizing codes, and no more x-marine bosses that think all security companies should be run just like the military....in some ways i think that the military is cool but one thing i have never liked is how some (most) guys that have a little more rank then there piers use as much "double-speak" as possible.

and what kicks even more ass then quiting this job, is the fact that i finally get weekends off!!!! I have diligently worked weekends since i was 18 so i am very happy about finally being off when other people are, now i can go to bar-b-cues, and be stuck in weekend traffic just like everyone else.

i had a really nice last day, there were no annoying calls and i had a cool team to work with. Because of my EXP i am (was) the lead officer and it was nice to finally not have to care if my people were on time or new there shit. For most of the day i just sat in the break room and watched tv (what a guard should do), my team even suprised me by ordering a few pizzas for lunch. I have quit a lot of jobs were people don't even seem to care that you are leaving, and this is the first one where i felt a some sincerity in the good-buys.

not much else, i just bought a gps thingy so me and leah are going to start geo cashing. And this friday i finish up at the start up company (don't expect me to write as warmly about the goodbyes i get there).

Monday, July 19th, 2004
9:00 am
One of the best fealings yet...
One of the best feelings is giving your two weeks, especially when you have a better job in the works..... I always thought that when i quit my current jobs i would do it very loudly, with lots of descriptive words involving demeaning sexual acts. But i guess that the best revenge really is to live well, because being able to just say, "yea, i'm quitting and going to work at lockheed" felt about 100 times better. The look on my bosses face (from the start up company) was pricless!!!!

Any way, not much else that's worth mentioning.. went to Monterey on friday with tran and jermy (very cool).. got slightly burned by my mechanic when i had to pay for replacing a leaky gas pump and oil pan in my car. and am going to have to buy some more work clothes this week.

Later People
Monday, July 12th, 2004
10:03 am
hey everyone, sorry i havent posted for a long time...

i think i am geting that lockheed job!!! they called back and said my drug test was fine and i just have to wait 5 to 10 days for the background check...

i have been tring to get all my un-used engineering skills back on track, i bought a how to book on mat lab and am trying despreatly to get someone to install pro-e on my computer. i am even considering buying a new computer, or taking it to somebodys house and installing it there so at least i can use it

any way, not much else is happening, i am at work (and it's been busy for a change) so i cant write much more. i will try to extend this post later today

Later Ben
Thursday, July 1st, 2004
1:23 pm
Job offer, zombies and michel more movie
well, the good news is that i got a "extension" of a job offer from lockheed!!!!
i totaly didn't expect it after the guy had me wait like 4+ hours, and didnt even say sorry. maby his first choice didn't pass some of the background stuff

i dont have the job yet, but it is pretty likely, i have to take drug tests, background check, and i think there are some security clearance stuff (i am working on rockets so i guess this is expected) But with any luck i will have a real job in less then a month and a half!!!!i am i shock, i have been scraping by with two shitty jobs for so long, that i am having a hard time even beliving this. I will have a real job, with time off, busness cards, and benifts!!!!

any way, not much else is happening.... leah had a dance recital last week, when kerry was giving a speech. and last night me and jermy drove by barn's en noble when clinton was signing books... (we didnt go inside, but you could tell from the huge amount of people, lots with anti bush signs)..... it seems that SJ is getting political recently
(side note)
with all of the people standing outside of the windows of barns en noble it looked like a zombie movie, i decided it would be realy cool to see zombie protesters.... i.e people who were protesting goverment not doing anything about zombies and then getten bitten

saw the new michel moore movie... i wanted it to be a good movie, and if you dont like bush you will enjoy it. But most of his arguments are REALY unsubstantuated
he started off saying how bush stoled the election, because his brother is gov of flordia and is friends with the pres of fox news.... personaly i believe that bush did steal the election, but there is no point in arguing it with bad logic.. There is a lot of "michel moore" style humor (i.e. him setting up a "straw man" with his wavery voice and then breaking it down with a clip show and a comedic song), and lots of clips of bush acting realy stupid... we all know that bush isn't the smartest, but some of these suprized even me.

cant think of much else, if anyone is free this fri/sat let me know so we can celibrate my (possible) new job!!!!
Monday, June 21st, 2004
9:21 am
Fun times, death, and fathers day
This weekend was well.... interesting.

On friday i hung out wt tran and jer. We hung out at there place and bar-b-qued. I bailed early cause they were going to see the "terminal" movie. I have become more and more picky about new movies recently. In this case, i am just kinda sick of everyone saying how good Tom Hanks is. I'm not saying he sucks or anything, he is really good. Maby i am just a little to evil and i want to see him fail.

On sat me and leah hung out with lauren and noah, char even called me back and came with!!! (havent seen this guy in weeks) we were planing to go to comedy sports but were about 5 min too late. So we went "geo-cashing" a very interesting hide n seek game using a GPS and your computer. It felt a lot like being a treasure hunter when i got to use the gps and i said things like "1.3 miles north east". I am probalby going to go buy a gps now so me and leah can go do this!!

On sunday i found out at work that the person i dealt wt last week, (if you don't read my lj's it's the person that didn't do well on there pain medication and was convinced they should walk on there broken leg)... turns out they DIED!!!! i wasent realy ready for it, and it was a real shock to me. I dont know a lot of specifics cause i'm not a doctor, but i dont think it was cause of incompatence or anything, just bad luck. I have worked there a year but this is the first time that i had to realy deal with someone for a few days (and there family), and then sign them out to the coroner.

I also had to go see my dad on sunday, not a horible experience, but in no way a fun. I showed up at 4 and waited around till about 7 for him to wake up, (even though he retired and is almost 70, he is one of those people who HAS to work, so he got a grave job as a security guard). I spent most of the time talking with my mom, and catching up with family. Then i just took my dad out for pizza and listend to him complain about me and mom. Sigh, i am probably not alone in this, but i sometimes wish i had a more normal dad.

Probably going to see the new michel moore movie on firday. I dont think he is realy as great as everyone thinks, but i do think that his movie is going to be VERY anti-bush, and if it get's a lot of hype, maby more people will go vote just to get rid of him!!!

Monday, June 14th, 2004
9:09 am
computer upgrade.... complete
Ha Ha!!!!! I finally found out what was wrong wt my computer, or at least the main thing........

techno explination..(feel free to dis-regard)
Last time my computer was re-formated by my friend jermy, he asked me which hard drive windows should get installed on, i said the biger on that i just put in a monthe a-go. Little did i know that if you install your operating system on a "slave drive" everything you try to save gets realy weird (including drivers). Apparently it cant save normally so it tries to save a back up version of files (with a new name), and then if you can find a saved file and try to open it gets even more confused, very weird!!

But it's fixed now so hopefully everything will work. I was able to install thingys the first time, i have a real sence of acomplishment from this. Which is semi strange since i was nothing more then an observer thru the entire process.

Also got DSL, when all the calculations were made it was only like 5 more bucks a month then a dail up service, and WAY faster.

Saw "Cronicals of Ridic" a good action movie with very cool costuming and back drops... it tried to have a "royal technology" theme, like in dune or starwars 1.

My security job was realy intense this weekend. There seems to be a fairly large percent of the population who dosent do well on the pain drugs they give you after surgery (1 or 2%) and TOTALLY trip out.... It took all three of us (and i am the lightest at 190) guards, to keep this someone from walking on there compleatly fractured legs!!!! This is one of the things that totaly is not part of the job description, but we are kinda forced to do anyway. It sucks but makes for interesting storys.

Not much else happening,

Friday, June 11th, 2004
9:05 am
Interview..... what would you do??
I cant say it was a good interview, mostly cause it was scheduled for 9am.....
he got there at 1pm......
and MY interview started at 3.....
not to mention, he made two tele-conference calls while i was talking...

in short this means he IS insanely busy, or he had already decided on someone and had to technically interview a certain amount of people or get in trouble.

I probably wouldn't have waited but there was two other people waiting for the same guy and one was from SJSU, we talked the whole time. If i was alone i probably would have left after and hour.

Besides that..(if you can believe it).. the interview went well, it real was an "entry level" job (not entry level pay with no less then five years exp) so i AM qualified (if not over qualified) for it, the work seemed very interesting, and you have to juggle multiple projects. This is about the only time my start up exp looks good. I don't do many complicated thingys at my current job, but i do just about every little stupid task possible, so i can sound like a good multi-task-er.

During the closing interview, a "PR" guy apoligized to me and i was told that Lockheed is SUPPOSED to be very professional and will let me know in a week or less if i am going to be offered the job or not, but considering the time frame of my managers arrival, i doubt i will get this courtesy either. If i am offered the job i will take it, but i will try to move to a different department as soon as i can (moving departments is a lot easier then getting hired)

Not much else happening, i am getting my "back-up" jobs set up. I applied for "stationary engineer" and am taking there entry level test next month. If i do well on the test (ha ha!!) i will get placed in a apprenticeship. It's not great, but it's better then "lab assistant" and the pay get's high eventually. I will also apply for electrician next month. so far i find these "journeyman" type jobs interesting, the only draw back is you can only apply once every year or two!!!!

Monday, June 7th, 2004
9:09 am
Excellent Good!!!
The best news i have from the past week is i got a call back from LOCKHEED, they are
supposed to send me an e-mail about a interview for thursday. I have talked to two people there so i don't think there just messing with me.

Any one have some good interview tips???? from the one's i've gone on i have been told i am a fairly good interview-e, except when it gets into the very technical side (i have a habit of exchanging every other big word with "thingy" which dosen't sound good in a interview), but most of the companies i have met with were small to semi-big, i don't know what different things lockheed would expect (being a huge d-fence company).

the rest of my week was really fun

FRIDAY.... went to SF with tran and jer, had a cool time looking at the newest (and expensive-st) clothes and toys. Saw rudy (who was supposed to hang out with us) and his girlfriend, he even gave us the 2 min hussel...."yea, we were just about to leave so, i'll see you later"

SATERDAY... i got sunday off so i could stay out past 10 on sat night!!! me and leah went out with lauren and her boyfriend noah, it is suprising hard to find much thats open in downtown SJ after 10 (that has food and is not carrows), we finally found a bar that was still serving food, and i was interduced to a cool new shot... a wasington apple, it's canadian whiskey and apple puckers, it has the color and smell of a red apple (very cool)!!

SUNDAY... me and leah got good use of our aquarium passes, they have finished all of the remodeling so it is pretty kick ass. There is a wooden walk way that connects that second floor areas. Huge glass windows that open into the outer court area, and two new attractions. The shark exhibit (it's not that new), and a new jellyfish exhibit. The city also made a free shuttle service (painted up to look like SF trolleys) so you can go to the pier and down-town with minimal hastle.

having weekends off kicks ass,
Later, Ben
Friday, June 4th, 2004
9:11 am
dont have a lot of time so i will just do a condensed entry

-memorial day rocked, thought i had to work and then got it off and spent most of the day in a recycled book store reading leatherbound book (rocked)

-leah got her lap top, (a dell) it's pretty cool but a little heavy (not the 1/2 pound models)

-i think we can get dsl for the same price as dial up + phone line (yes)

-my cell phone bill is INSANE, i did a good deed a long time ago and let my dad piggyback on my cell phone contract so he could have one for emergencies, but it seems that since he has been between jobs since last month he has been using it, A LOT, over 300 prime time min's (aggg)

-got a call from lockheed last night!!!!! I talked for about 5 min's and then re-sent him my resume (everyone keep there fingers crossed)

-my home computer is evil, i had jermy help re-format my computer, and i guess the newest version of XP REALY dosent want you using things that are not microsoft approved!!! i cant install the drivers for my my vid card, sound card or camera. It just advises me that mabey i should get microsoft approved products and then closes the install menu. (i hate computers)

-have this sunday off, me and leah are going to monteray, we need to use our aquirum membership, and this time i plan on not moving to the back so that smaller people can see!!!

Monday, May 24th, 2004
11:33 am
never sure how to feel??
my grandma took another fall today, she had to go to the hospital again, and my mom and uncle are very woried. They are probably going to have to sell her house and put her in a retirment thingy. This is bad becase it will makes both my mom and uncle feel like ungratefull children, and cause she will probably make the people who work there very miserable (she fits the discription of a proud old lady from WW2 that cant be argued with) i spent sunday talking with my mom and took her out to eat. She feels very responcible but at the same time dosent want to loose her job, if she goes to pensylvinia to take care of her for a few months(or years).

I'm not sure how to feel, I have only met my grandma a few times and i mostly know her from the iratic phone conversations we have.

"how are you dong grandam, you feeling well?"
"IM OLD!! HOW THE HELL DO YOU THINK I FEEL, I FEEL HORRIBLE...Have you got a good job yet, i dont want to talk to you untill you get a good one and make your grandpa proud"
"yes grandma"

repeat every holiday and b-day. part of me is very proud of my grandma, i mean she can barly walk and i am still afraid of her. But i cant say that she was ever nice to me or that i feel bad that she is probably going into a home. I guess humans are evil in the fact that they only care about people who they have good memories of.

Anny way, not much else happening, my computer is working.... now i just have to download a lot of drivers (aggg)

Can't think of much else.
Wednesday, May 19th, 2004
9:16 am
wensday already
havent been posting much, my home computer is still marginal, and have had a lot to do at my fuel cell job.

Saw troy on sat..... realy good,

found out one realy anoying thing about UPS. The franchise "UPS STORE" that they have in malls and corner locations isn't realy a UPS, it cant even send a package using a ups account!!! I spent a lot of time there on monday arguig with an employee (that probably makes less then i do) about why the hell a "UPS STORE" wouldent honnor a package being shiped thru "UPS". Sadly i lost and had to drive to a "UPS" store and have it sent there.

not much else is happening, i have been tring to look for jobs cause i am realy starting to hate both of my current ones, but it is realy lowering my moral. There is NOTHING for entry level engineers and it seems that my degree isn't good for much else. I may have to go to a trade school, but i am woried about getting out of one, haveing more debt, and still no job. I guess one of the hard truths in life is nothing is guarnteed.

anyone have thought's on which trade school i should try for??

hvac repair

i have one contact for the electricians union of SJ, and they will have another hiring at the start of next quarter. It starts off low pay, but i think it's steady work with benifits and the ablitiy to improve (not something i currently have)

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